The Conference of European Directors of Roads (CEDR) is a platform for cooperation and promotion of improvements to the road system and its infrastructure, as an integral part of a sustainable transport system in Europe. It was created on 18 September 2003 in Vienna, Austria. Its members represent their respective national road authorities or equivalents and provide support and advice on decisions concerning the road transport system that are taken at national or international level.

The Mission of CEDR is:

  • To contribute to future developments of road traffic and networks as part of an integrated transport system under the social, economic and environmental aspects of sustainability.
  • To promote an international network of personal contacts between Road Directors and their staff.
  • To provide a platform for understanding and responding to common problems.
  • To develop a strong involvement in EU developments on matters relating to road transport systems.
  • To use existing representations on relevant international groups for mutual benefit.
  • To make use of the results of common understandings as well as research results in each member country.
  • The leader of the National Road Administration or equivalent body of any European country may become a member of CEDR